Disciplinary Action
Infliction of
Breach of
Hostile Work
Joseph Mirocha vs. Palos Community Hospital
Joseph Mirocha  filed an 8 count complaint in Federal Court against
Palos Community Hospital
This complaint was brought as a collective action on behalf of Joseph
Mirocha and all other employees similarly situated.
Employees of Palos Community Hospital are an at will employee. You do have Federal and
State rights but no representation to protect those rights. I am reaching out to employees of
Palos Community Hospital, the general public and labor organizations to help me protect
those rights and make Palos Community Hospital a better place to work.
Employees of Palos Community Hospital have the right to work in a hostile free environment,
treated with basic human decency absent the constant fear of losing their job or a hostile
work environment and discrimination. The complaint by it's very nature will change the way
Palos Community Hospital treats its employees.
The cost of this collective action litigation, media and advertising is projected to be between
$35,000.000 and $100,000.00 .
You can help make Palos Community Hospital a better
place to work by making a contribution towards the legal costs and supporting the
collective action against Palos Community Hospital.
The complaint  shows the pretextual reasons of my termination to shed light on how helpless
employees are at Palos Community Hospital. In reading some of the information I provide
and the story I tell I am hoping to gain your support.
February 22, 2012
Palos Community Hospital
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The Palos Heights Police remained on site at the March 3, 2013 picketing during the
Palos Community Hospital Open House even though they said the turn out for the
Open House was dismal, far less than expected, not requiring traffic control.