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Joseph Mirocha vs. Palos Community Hospital
Palos Community Hospital
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Palos Community Hospital present and former employee comments.
comments = That day of my termination... Now I figured I was being played with
by both the HRD VP as well as her side kick H*****. At this point I realized things
were just planned out so everyone would be able to point fingers at each other, if
a real investigation ever occurs. However, having Sister Wright as the final say,
what could go wrong for them?

I know all the staff at Palos as well as the medical staff would appreciate this
nonsense to stop!  Leadership can cause people to lie or deceive staff, so they
follow the wishes or directives of a Napoleon type leader.  Sadly, some Religious
organization feel they have the guidance from above to do whatever they feel is
righteous, even if people and families get hurt. I realized after all this before me,
what kind of organization Palos was and realized I did not want to return,
especially with the retaliation methods they sure were to use.

I believe this administrative leadership often believes it is irreproachable with a
God like power and whatever is decided is the law.  Firing of leading clinical and
well respected employees sends a message to “workers”. No one is safe.  
Intimidation and threats are a common place from leadership and many feel
actions are supported by CEO who supports the middle management staff in this
type of reckless fashion. Is it to score on budget at time of opportunity, or just get
respected for that fashionable power, I’m not sure.  

Times were emotionally challenging for me never before experiencing such a life
changing event. I had needed psycho therapy and was placed on sedatives. I
was upset with myself for letting them get to me.  Yes, at Palos it was always Us
& Them.  

After I was informed that the director’s receive their yearly bonus based on a
percentage under budget I could understand how departments becomes self
interested and things can become as some would say dog eat dog between
departments.  This is what I was told about director’s level compensation around
2007. This would need confirmation as to its actual percentage.  Palos has the
most # of VP’s for a hospital it’s size I’m told.  Our VP Mr. ******* over imaging 4
yrs ago was reported in the media compensated $425,000, not bad for a Master’
s Degree. Not sure if that amount had any bonus $ added?  One can see why
management may kiss up or follow orders with this side of two level pay structure.

However, at Palos one soon gets the sense of being back in Catholic grammar
school where you may get your hands hit for something you may have or have not
been involved in.  Employees soon feel US (staff) and Them (management)
mentality.  A hospital, when upholding your professions Code of Ethics one still
can get suspended or terminated.  
comments = I am a current employee at pch. I am not at this time going to use my
real name for obvious reasons as you well know. However I applaud your bravery
and tenacity. You give us all hope that things will change. thank you.
comments = I have suffered,age discrimination,retailiation,defamation and
attempts to physically harm me.
comments = I definitely want to be involved.  Previously sent my story.
comments = Over 20 years of employment , constantly harrased , fear for my job
one to turn to for help without fear of retaliation. No recent promotions except to a
younger employee.
comments = I was an employee of PCH for 7 years.  I am 60 years old.  I
requested and was granted a reduction in hours from 40 to 32 to care for my
dying father, with the explicit understanding that when I was able I would return to
not in the budget.  Because I need full-time work, I resigned and started another
job.  Within 2 weeks a much younger person was hired to replace me...working
40 hrs/week.  I seriously considered making a formal complaint, but because I still
against because of my age.  My yearly reviews did not reflect any problems with
my performance, and I was never disciplined.  I resigned in Nov., 2010.  Is this a
class action lawsuit?
comments = Please send information. Was also fired without cause, at PCH .
comments = I was employed at PCH for 18 years. I left in 2010 not because I wanted to
but, because I felt that I had before I was let go.
yrs. of employment. It has ruined my life. I would like to join this suit if I can and find
out more information. I have been praying for Palos Hospital to get their just
due!!!! What goes around comes around. This whole process was initiated when
they brought M*** ******** on board from Loyola Hospital for the main purpose of
cleaning house. I was warned by a supervisor that I was on the list. I did nothing
wrong and should not have been terminated.
comments = Registered nurse terminated April 26,2011 1 week prior to turning
62.  Falsely accused.  I'd been harassed for over a year;  workload, scheduling
and abusive treatment.  I was denied unemployemnt benefits and filed Human
most years of experience with the most certifications. There was a cover up and
the supportive document was hidden. The only witness who also supported my
action that caused my firing was intimidated to with hold vital info and support.
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a normal person--free of stress, fear, and constantly looking over my shoulder. I
have made many mistakes in my life, but deciding to work at pch was probably
the biggest. In the end, pch will suffer for what it is doing to their employees. The
word is out that pch is a bad place to work. As people leave , pch will have an
increasingly difficult time recruiting qualified people to work there. Oh well,
Karma is a bitch. Thank you for all that you are doing. Stay strong.